Stephanie (steph822) wrote in bleeding_sores,

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I'm New... So... I Don't Know

I'm new here and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about their personal experiences with depression and self harm. Thanx.
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I would miracly, I stopped for 3 months. sometimes I get the urge, I used to get the point where I would cut just "for fun" like, even if I wasn't sad or mad, I would still want to... I would even go over the cuts and I REALLYY had to wera long sleeve all the time becuz I would o so uncontrollably, Id end up with 43 bleeding lines on my right wrist. yeh, I was sick... :(

I've cut for like a year. Tell me what u wanna know. I've been to the hospital cos I've cut too deep. I'm gone to the hospital cos of anorexia and yeah. Ask away.